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As a primary prevention and education provider for over 30 years, we work with communities to grow the relevant awareness, understanding and skills to empower people to live, play, learn and work in safe communities free from harm and violence. Within ECEs, primary and secondary schools, we offer a whole-school approach to:

  • provide PLD for all school staff
  • whānau education and,
  • delivery with ākonga where teachers are supported to co-deliver to evolve their practice.

In doing so, children, young people and the adults in their lives all build common language and skills to foster healthy relationships, keep them and others safe, seek help and prevent bullying and violence.

It’s the shiniest tool in my cupboard because it is used most often.

A teacher describes the Fullpower Healthy Relationship programme.

How will PLD be designed and delivered in our school?

Prior to deliver PLD in your school, we start by understanding school staff’s needs to ensure PLD sessions provide tailored solutions to your curriculum and pedagogical focuses. You and your colleagues are empowered to share real-life examples of your learner’s needs and experiences, where we then develop a tailored PLD to co-create solutions that centre your learner’s needs and culture and support you in evolving your practice and developing curricula and pedagogical tools.

The design of PLD is underpinned by our experience and expertise in trauma-informed facilitation, culturally responsive facilitation, our Kidpower Positive Practice Teaching MethodTM and ‘Skills First for Safety’ approach and adapting to learning differences. We draw on a range of pedagogical tools including mind mapping, scenarios, social stories and skills practices.

We can work with your school on a range of subject matter knowledge and skills relating to social-emotional education, primary prevention education and relationships and sexuality education including Bullying SolutionsChild Protection, Consent & Boundaries, Safe, Healthy & Respectful Relationships and Online Safety.

We have experience in:

  • creating a safe and trauma-informed communication & learning environment
  • engaging with adults, children and youth, using verbal, nonverbal and visual communication
  • designing curricula, programmes and resources
  • building on other programmes schools are using (KOS, Kia Kaha, PB4L, Bullying-Free NZ, Netsafe)
  • building a common language around conflict resolution
  • co-developing and tailoring initiatives, resources and training
  • co-designing curriculum that is framed around progression and practical adaptation to emerging needs
  • developing education resources and tools for those living with disabilities and working with support staff, teachers and whānau to increase their capabilities in adapting to learning differences

Your school will be provided with resources and tools that are aligned with the NZ Curriculum and the RSE guidelines in order to support you in embedding your learning into your curriculum design and teaching.

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