Online Safety

Healthy relationships and safety are important not only in person, but online too. With the ever-changing landscape of technology and online tools, it is important young people are supported to interact safely online. Our primary prevention programmes support communities to foster responsible digital citizenship for Children, Youth, and people with different abilities including

  • Awareness to prevent problems before they start
  • Assessment to avoid, de-escalate, or end unsafe situations
  • Moving away from trouble emotionally and digitally
  • Boundary setting to stop unwanted attention
  • Disengaging to leave activities skillfully
  • Assertive advocacy to get help with safety problems
  • Safety planning for individuals and for groups of peers online together.
  • Emotional safety to stay safe, calm, and effective in the face of threats, harassment, intimidation, peer pressure, bullying, or other emotional attacks.

If you are concerned about behaviour(s) online that you or someone you know has experienced or are experiencing, we encourage you to speak to someone you trust. There are some awesome support services for guidance including:

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We offer primary prevention for Early Childhood, Children, Youth, Adults, Different Abilities, People facing other life challenges, Corporate and Teacher PLD.

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