In adult relationships, conflict can escalate resulting in harmful behaviour. De-escalation is a skill that can help manage escalating conflicts.

When someone is in escalating crisis, the other person can offer a de-escalating approach through five key phases.

Graphic showing what happens when someone is in escalating crisis, the other person can offer a de-escalating approach through five key phases.

When de-escalating, remember to:

  • Stay calm
  • Be prepared in case the de-escalation doesn’t work
  • Take charge
  • Get help earlier rather than later
  • Talk about every incident with your supervisor, colleagues, or friends to debrief and learn from each other

We can work with your organisation to train your staff in Fullpower De-escalation and build healthy working relationships through our PLD and Corporate programmes.

This has to be the most brilliant course ever!

This has to be the most brilliant course ever! Extremely valuable as I have been in several uncomfortable situations, now I feel I could handle them confidently. Excellent life skills for dangerous situations. Emphasis on preventing and de-escalating aggressive/violent situations. A great team building exercise. Very professionally handled. Highly recommend to all staff.

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Staff Development Unit

If you are concerned about relationship behaviours, we encourage you to speak to someone you trust. There are some awesome support services for guidance including:

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