Child Protection

At Empowerment Trust, our primary prevention education is aimed to protect children from harm. When a child, young person or individual we are working with has experienced harm, our National and Local Designated Person(s) support our facilitation teams to safely and appropriately respond to, and report, disclosures in alignment with our Child Protection Policy.

We collaborate with Safeguarding Children to provide a holistic approach to child safety, from the signs of abuse to the skills and strategies to keeping safe. Safeguarding Children NZ is a leading provider of safeguarding and child protection education and guidance in New Zealand. Their training helps people recognise and respond to child abuse and neglect.  They work with organisations to create and embed systems, processes and strategies to create a child safe culture.  A proactive, preventative approach produces the best outcomes for children, organisations and staff.

They provide:

  • Online Child Protection Courses
  • Child Protection Seminars
  • Child Protection Policy Development &/or Audit

Check out their website to explore how to build a Safeguarding Culture in your community and explore how we can work with you to keep Young ChildrenChildrenYouth and people with Different Abilities safe.

If you are concerned about a child or young person, we encourage you to seek advice from either a supervisor, designated person, child protection officer, other staff member experienced in child protection, Oranga Tamariki (0508 326 459) or the Police.

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We offer primary prevention for Early Childhood, Children, Youth, Adults, Different Abilities, People facing other life challenges, Corporate and Teacher PLD.

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