Empower your staff to

  • protect themselves from physical and emotional violence – online and in person
  • protect loved ones of all ages and abilities from abuse, bullying, assault, and other interpersonal harm
  • protect employees, staff, students, clients, colleagues, and others in their schools and workplaces
  • strengthen relationships in their personal and professional lives with conflict resolution, consent, advocacy, boundary setting, and other communication skills

We can work with your organisation to train your staff in Fullpower De-escalation and build healthy working relationships.

This has to be the most brilliant course ever!

This has to be the most brilliant course ever! Extremely valuable as I have been in several uncomfortable situations, now I feel I could handle them confidently. Excellent life skills for dangerous situations. Emphasis on preventing and de-escalating aggressive/violent situations. A great team building exercise. Very professionally handled. Highly recommend to all staff.

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Staff Development Unit

As well as assisting businesses with internal safety training and programmes, we've developed resources in collaboration with the NZ Police and assisted community groups in developing their own (such as Famalosi Aiga/Pacifika Safety), and provide various services for government agencies.

Our primary prevention programmes support communities to foster healthy relationships free from harm, with the aim of preventing Bullying, protecting and respecting healthy boundaries for touch, games, and affection, de-escalating conflict that can escalate resulting in harmful behaviour, supporting people to interact safely online, and prevent sexual violence and family violence.

So whether it's to provide you or your staff with our proven training, to assist you in developing your own programmes or resources, or just to talk and get some advice, get in touch with our team today.

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