Prepare youth for safer, more positive experiences with people as they take on more independence – online and in-person. We teach social-emotional strategies teens can use to:

  • Strengthen relationships with conflict resolution, consent, advocacy, boundary setting, and other communication skills
  • Stay safe from interpersonal harm with strategies for taking charge of safety in public, at school, at work – everywhere they go, in person and online.

Students learn core social-emotional safety skills for effective communication, advocacy, and self-protection through examples tailored to a group’s priority topics.

Intermediate and Secondary School Programmes

Skills and strategies to support young people to learn core social-emotional safety skills for effective communication, advocacy, and self-protection.

Evidence shows that it builds skills for real life by:

  • providing opportunities for students to practise experiential, evidence and success-based violence prevention strategies and skills (using informative role plays and skill practices).
  • ensuring that these skills are directly relevant and appropriate for young people’s experiences and communities (using real life stories).
  • building courage, team spirit, and ownership (using creative projects).
  • providing a valuable, ready-to-use resources for teachers to fulfill NZ Curriculum requirements and to turn behavioural and interpersonal challenges into learning opportunities.

Includes tailored

  • PLD for teachers,
  • education for parents/caregivers, and
  • classroom sessions

Community Groups, Private group or one-on-one, and Public Workshops

Utilising the Teenpower and Fullpower programmes, we tailor to meet the specific needs of you and/or your group.


Our primary prevention programmes support communities to foster healthy relationships free from harm, with the aim of preventing Bullying, protecting and respecting healthy boundaries for touch, games, and affection, de-escalating conflict that can escalate resulting in harmful behaviour, supporting people to interact safely online, and prevent sexual violence and family violence.

Training & Webinars for Youth

We offer programmes, workshops and webinars tailored to your community needs.

Training & Webinars

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We offer hard-copy and digital resources as well as online learning modules.