Fullpower programs and resources skills equip adults of all ages with skills to:

  • protect themselves from physical violence and emotional attacks – online and in person
  • protect loved ones of all ages and abilities from abuse, bullying, assault, and other interpersonal harm
  • protect employees, staff, students, clients, colleagues, and others in their schools and workplaces
  • strengthen relationships in their personal and professional lives with conflict resolution, consent, advocacy, boundary setting, and other communication skills

We can work with your organisation to train your staff in Fullpower De-escalation and build healthy working relationships through our PLD and Corporate programmes.


This is a course I wish every person in New Zealand could participate in.

In my work as a counselor and psychotherapist, I have referred clients to Fullpower. As a result of only one programme, most have demonstrated obvious signs of healing past trauma and stepping into new confidence about their boundaries and self-esteem. This is a course I wish every person in New Zealand could participate in.

Tasman Counseling Centre

Community Groups, Private group or one-on-one, and Public Workshops

Utilising the Fullpower™ Personal Safety Skills programmes, we tailor to meet the specific needs of you and/or your group

Fullpower personal safety training gives adults practice in dealing effectively with both difficult and dangerous people. Practicing the words to say and the actions to take in the moment can prevent and stop problems with people who don’t respect boundaries. Learning self-defense prepares adults to protect themselves from an attacker.

Women and men in our Fullpower workshops practice “People Safety” skills to deal with common safety situations in a straightforward, practical way at home, on travel, at work, and in their communities.

Fullpower Full Force Workshops

Introductory Fullpower Full Force students practice taking powerful and effective action in the face verbal or physical attacks. Each student gets tailored, one-on-one Full Force physical self-defense skills coaching and practice with a padded instructor.

Fullpower Advanced workshops give students more in-depth practice of self-defense on the ground, against weapons, and against multiple attackers.


Our primary prevention programmes support communities to foster healthy relationships free from harm, with the aim of preventing Bullying, protecting and respecting healthy boundaries for touch, games, and affection, de-escalating conflict that can escalate resulting in harmful behaviour, supporting people to interact safely online, and prevent sexual violence and family violence.

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