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Bullying is when a person or group deliberately tries to make someone else feel upset, scared, or ashamed. People often bully others who have any difference of behaviour, appearance, culture, race, class, ability, or identity. Empowerment Trust recognises that most bullying, including adult-to-adult bullying, can be stopped or prevented when everyone involved learns and uses core social-emotional safety skills.

Our Primary Prevention Programmes support communities to prevent bullying for Young ChildrenChildrenYouth, Adults, and People with different abilities through

  • Social-emotional safety skills to be safe from bullying and cyberbullying at all ages
  • Safety leadership strategies for adults to ensure that everyone in their homes, schools, and workplaces is safe from bullying and harassment
  • Positive intervention and coaching skills to guide those using bullying behaviours to replace them with pro-social behaviours.

From a 10 year old girl who scared off notorious bullies

About one year after doing a Kidpower course a 10 year old girl was playing at a playground with younger children. A group of notorious bullies came to the playground.
The girl considered leaving but was worried for the younger children on the playground. She stood up and said “Stop, go away!”. The leader of the boys replied “Stop does not mean much to ME!” and advanced. She told me on the phone “You know how hard we hit Martin in the suit? I just gave him kind of a tap onto the nose and when he saw that I had power they just went away”.

Check out Kidpower International's FAQs on Bullying Prevention.

If you are concerned about bullying behaviours, we encourage you to speak to someone you trust. There are some awesome support services for guidance including:

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We offer primary prevention for Early Childhood, Children, Youth, Adults, Different Abilities, People facing other life challenges, Corporate and Teacher PLD.

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