Awareness, Understanding & Skills

The primary prevention of violence and harmful behaviour focuses on preventing violence before it occurs. A world without violence means a world underpinned by healthy relationships, a culture of consent and respect towards others’ boundaries. 

In order to be safe emotionally and physically in all types of relationships, each person needs: 

  • awareness of what emotional safety and physical safety mean in a relationship
  • understanding about the feelings and social pressures that can get in the way
  • skills to foster healthy relationships, communicate boundaries and get help when needed

Picture of a Stool with the words Awareness, Skills and Understanding

Drawing on the concept of a stool, if one leg is missing or broken, the stool can’t support a human. Healthy relationships work in the same way; if all people involved do not have the awareness, understanding and skills to act in healthy, respectful and consensual ways, the relationship is not supported to be healthy. Similarly, if people only have the knowledge and understanding of healthy relationships, it doesn’t mean they know how to act in healthy and safe ways. Skill-building allows for changing the behaviours, beliefs and socio-cultural norms that underpin violence and harmful behaviour. We work with communities to grow the relevant awareness, understanding and skills to empower people to live, play, learn and work in safe communities free from harm and violence, including around:

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