Values and code of ethics

We will be:


We are committed to having this be an honest community in which people feel not just entitled, but obligated to speak up about what is and is not working for them, especially if there is anything they don’t feel good about or that causes them confusion or concern.


We must see our work and organisation at all levels as being in a constant state of evolution. We are always going to be looking for ways to make things better because systems, which are set in stone, become stagnant.


We will do our best to have clear agreements and standards and to uphold them. We will do our best to be fair and respectful to people involved at all levels of our organisation – staff, volunteers, students, board, donors, etc.


We are a supportive community in which partners are encouraged to do what works well in their lives to help build our programmes while taking good care of themselves. We want to support people in not feeling guilty about what they can’t or don’t want to do.


We celebrate each step of the journey and appreciate every contribution.


We will use our time and the time of the people who work with us or who we help as efficiently and effectively as possible.


We will do our best to ensure the physical and emotional safety of our people at all levels of our organisation including past, present, and possible students, staff, and supporters.


We will treat personal information that is related to us in the context of this work as confidential. Exceptions may arise if keeping silent could jeopardise someone’s physical and/or emotional safety.


We will identify and act on problems as soon as possible and anticipate and plan for new challenges.


We welcome people of any age, culture, religion, race, gender, political belief, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or emotional disability, or income who share our vision and goals and can join us in upholding these principles.


We will not let discomfort or fear stop us do the right thing.