Sexual Violence & Family Violence

Our vision is a New Zealand/Aotearoa where all people are empowered to live, play, learn and work in safe communities free from harm and violence.

As a primary prevention organisation, we aim to prevent sexual violence and family violence by empowering communities to foster healthy relationships through skills-based learning.

We have the power to change many of tomorrow’s stories of sexual violence and family violence into stories of safety. We can do this by speaking and acting in ways that change norms that excuse, overlook, or minimise sexual violence and family violence and the profound harm that it causes. To make this kind of change, people in our communities need:

  • awareness of what safe and unsafe sexual behavior looks, sounds, and feels like;
  • understanding of the harm done when anyone has their boundaries violated in any way for any reason;
  • skills for taking charge of the emotional and physical safety of themselves and others; and,
  • skills for expressing and withdrawing consent, setting and upholding boundaries, and respecting others’ boundaries.


Te Aorerekura: The National Strategy to Eliminate Family Violence & Sexual Violence

As a primary prevention organisation, we are guided by, Te Aorerekura, to envision a path to eliminate sexual violence and family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Moemoeā – Dream and vision

“All people in Aotearoa New Zealand are thriving; their wellbeing is enhanced and sustained because they are safe and supported to live their lives free from family violence and sexual violence.”

“This Moemoeā or dream was created with tangata whenua, specialist sectors, and communities.

At the heart of this Moemoeā is ora – meaning to be well and thriving, to have mana enhanced and restored, to experience safety in all parts of life. Mana and ora are important parts of a person’s wellbeing, relationships and connections.”

(Joint Venture, 2021).

If you are concerned about family violence or sexual violence, we encourage you to speak to someone you trust. There are some wonderful support services for guidance.

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