Kidpower Positive PracticeTM Teaching Method

For Safe, Trauma-informed, Effective and Empowering Violence Prevention


Research shows that 

  • raising awareness of problems raises anxiety while practising skills builds capability and confidence1.
  • healthy relationships and violence prevention programmes that aim to change behaviour change are safer, more engaging and more effective if clear expectations are stated and a ‘Skills First’ approach2  is taken. 


  • FIRST – Use the Kidpower Positive Practice Teaching Method to build Skills to ensure your delivery is
    trauma-informed and focuses on solutions.
  • THEN – (optional) Follow up with Inquiry-Based Teaching to adapt and deepen understanding.

Use the Kidpower Positive Practice™ Teaching Method to coach each participant so they’re successful in rehearsing what to say and do in ways that are age-appropriate, emotionally safe (not scary) and relevant to their lives. 

Use the carefully formatted practices to help participants become more confident, less anxious, and more effective.

To set up safe positive practices for yourself and others,

  • Access support if you yourself feel uncomfortable or unsure about delivering this 3.
  • Make it FUN to learn to stay safe. 
  • Know what you want to accomplish.
  • Set the scene and give clear directions.
  • Support & Coach the student in the moment so they’re successful each step on the way. (Rather than test what they know).
  • Praise participants as they practise and improve. 
  • Allow each participant the opportunity to successfully practise the skill. 
  • Keep participants actively involved. 
  • Look for progress, not perfection.
  • Avoid asking children to play unsafe behaviour, such as a child who bullies. 
  • Where possible, use real life age-appropriate, low intensity situations as examples. 

Sample Scripts

To ensure that children can actively practise skills AND are successful from start to finish, we set up simple scenarios and coach them what to say and what to do.




1 Latest research shows that for too long, adults are supplied with information and advice instead of such active skill building training, coaching and practising of tools that make a difference in daily life. See the latest Theory of Change of the Harvard University at

2 Safety Through A ‘Skills Before Knowledge’ Approach – Why ‘People Safety’ Should be Taught Like Water Safety –

3 Talk to colleagues, counsellors, leaders, Kidpower (0800 543 769) or other people you trust.

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