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Fullpower Healthy Relationships™ Programme

This programme was developed with and for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities. It provides practical tools to build resiliency and to prevent bullying, violence and abuse.


The interactive resource was developed over 6 years, in close collaboration with users with disabilities. It utilises the extensive expertise and skills of Irene van der Zande, the founder of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International, an organisation that served millions of people worldwide since 1989. The New Zealand Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Development and InternetNZ provided funding for development and independent evaluations.

A version for the visually impaired and blind is available free of charge, thanks to RG&EF MacDonald Trust. Please call us on 0800 543 769 to order the right version for you.

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Workbooks: Three Workbooks contain 60 comic style stories for users to look at, discuss and roleplay! The stories have been developed, edited and added to during 6 years of development and trialling. They instil a set of 9 core skills that help everyone stay safe and act safe in a huge variety of situations and scenarios.

Start Here Booklet: A brief booklet gives facilitators the basic tools and steps to start practising with their learners within minutes.

Facilitators Poster: A colour poster summarises the tools and steps to enable facilitators to jump in.

Posters: Three size A2 and A3 colour posters show the 9 core skills taught in the corresponding workbooks.

Facilitators Guide: A comprehensive guide gives facilitators in-depth background information, lists learning outcomes and has heaps of ideas, activities and homework tasks that extend the use of the resources and the learning. It also includes templates and copy sheets, certificates, posters and safety signs for home or class use.

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Full Set
Full Set
Including 1 Facilitator's Guide 1 Start here Booklet 4 Large Posters 3 Booklets

Facilitator's Set
Facilitator's Set
Including: 1 Facilitator's Guide 1 Start here Booklet 4 Large Posters

User's Set
User's Set
Including: 3 Booklets