Learn and practice age-appropriate social safety skills to have more fun and fewer problems.

Children 4-12 years

Kidpower© Personal Safety Skills Protect and Empower Children and Their Adults

Parent/Caregiver Whānau Workshop

Adults gain skills and language to help themselves and their children practise successful communication in age-appropriate ways. Participants practise the skills through fun exercises that build confidence and reduces anxiety.

Classroom/Afterschool Workshop

Students of years 0-8, along with their teachers, practice age-appropriate People Safety skills for being safe with strangers, peers, and other people they know.

School Assembly Programmes

Our dynamic thirty-minute assembly programmes introduce larger groups of children, together with teachers and parents, some powerful People Safety skills they can use to be safer on the playground, online, and in their neighbourhoods.

Holiday Workshops

This unique, comprehensive learning experience for children ages 8-12 spans one full day. Each child does role-plays in which they experience success using their awareness and boundary-setting skills in age-appropriate situations. The Full Force self-defense practice builds children’s belief in their ability to be powerful while increasing their understanding that fighting is always the last resort.

Staff Training: Introductory Level

Teachers, childcare providers, counsellors, and other professionals learn direct applications of People Safety skills relevant to their own specific work situation. Participants learn applications of skills to improve students’s People Safety skill competency as well applications to support a safe, positive learning environment.

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