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Donate via Supergenerous

  • They claim for you: They’ll make a claim with the IRD and send you updates along the way.
  • Choose where it goes:
  • Gift the rebate back to us or keep it for yourself. Easy!

Make your generosity go further

If Supergenerous secure your rebate, they give you the option to keep the money for yourself or to re-gift it back to us – and they’ll handle that part too.

We know that, if you’ve donated to our cause before you are already generous. Supergenerous helps your generosity go even further through their re-gift option.
Regifting donation rebates also has a powerful compounding effect because each financial year the rebate re-gift is considered a new donation and therefore is entitled to another rebate.

Taking the money home

We know for some people, keeping your rebate might help you to continue donating to organisations like ours in future, so we understand that too. Any donation makes a massive difference to us so we appreciate anything you feel you can give. What are you waiting for?

All you need to do is sign up via their website, give them your details and the names of the organisations you’ve donated to – and let them do the rest. You pay nothing upfront. If they successfully secure a donation rebate for you, they take a small fee of 10% + GST.

Still have questions or want to sign up?

Go to our Supergenerous Page

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