We are a charitable (non-profit) trust and the New Zealand Center of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International, a nonprofit organisation that has served millions of people in 18 different countries on 6 continents since 1989.

Founded by Cornelia Baumgartner and Martin Hartman, the Empowerment Trust remains closely aligned with and supported by Kidpower International. Cornelia and Martin remain deeply committed to bringing the best training available on this planet to all New Zealanders.

Cornelia served as the Center Director from 1998 – 2016. She led the development and implementation of national pilot programmes including the Confident Kids programme with the NZ National Police’s Youth Education Services; the Healthy Relationships interactive CD’s and online programmes for people with intellectual disabilities; and the Teenpower Violence Prevention Relationship Safety Project. In 2016, Fiona Bryan took on the position of National Executive Director enabling Cornelia to continue to focus on programme development.

Since 1993, thousands of NZers have benefited from our staff training for education, social service and law enforcement agencies. In addition parents, schools, colleges, Institutes of Technology, outdoor pursuit centers, clubs and community groups have accessed our educational resources. Our instructors travel to bring services to all parts of New Zealand.

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