Strengths-based healthy relationships programme for teens to prevent the harm caused by sexual and dating violence.

Mates & Dates Introduction

Mates & Dates is a best practice, multi-year programme designed for NZ secondary school students across years 9-13 to promote safe, healthy and respectful relationships. The programme is aligned with the Health and Physical Education learning area and key competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum including learning objectives and assessment options.

The programme is taught using varied learning strategies intended to build strengths-based skills year on year.

It isn’t just about dating. It’s about all kinds of relationships, including family and friends.

We want to teach young people:

  • what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy
  • about relationships based on respect, negotiation and consent
  • how to change behaviour
  • how to seek help
  • how to safely intervene when they need to.

Preventing sexual violence and dating violence is about more than identifying unhealthy relationships. It’s also about building on the strengths and skills young people already have.

ACC fully fund Mates & Dates. It’s a multi-year programme taught in years 9-13 through five 50 minute sessions over about five weeks. It builds year on year and ties in with the learning area of health and physical education. It’s aimed at levels 4-8 of the New Zealand School Curriculum.

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